Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Honeymoon @ Maldives - Niyama Resort

13-17 November 2012
Honeymoon @ Niyama, Maldives
 This entry is gonna be picture-heavy. Not much words needed actually...
TMA seaplane - a 40min ride from Male International Airport to our resort, Niyama, located at the South Western Atoll of Dhaalu

Exclusive Niyama lounge near the airport - while waiting for the plane to depart

Complimentary refreshments before the ride! We had sushi, chips, tea, apple juice and danishes! 
Charming view from the top...

On our arrival at Niyama, we were chauffeured on a buggy to our Beach front villa.

Our Beautiful Beach Villa!

The luxurious outdoor bathroom

We love the night view of the bathroom!

View from our room

Just her and the Blue!

Our first night dinner at The Edge and Subsix - we took a 5min boat ride out to this venue.
It was pitch dark that night and we saw lots and lots of stars during the boat ride, we felt as if we were in the scene from Titanic!

Our super sumptuous dinner platter -
Lobsters, scallops, mussels, prawns, bluefin tuna,  complete with toasted bread and sauteed potatoes.
The damage - USD200+!

After dinner, we went down to Subsix to visit the unique underground club. The corals looked so beautiful..

Good Morning Maldives!

I love how our villa looked that morning...

Breakfast at Epicure

Our Number 1 Favourite Pic!
Our hearty breakfast!
Not sure why, but the sour passionfruit on the right was super popular with the Westerners.

More pics from our morning stroll

Off on our sunset cruise

And night fishing! Total catch from all 8 couples that night, 15 red snappers!

She caught 2 for dinner!

Getting ready for snorkelling with our gears.

Angry Bird!

Beautiful corals and fishes in the deep blue ocean

Relaxing after the snorkelling trip.
With no one to disturb us but the sound of gushing waves.
We knew we were gonna missed the Maldivian Sunday night and we spoke to a waiter about this.
Without hesitation, he asked he could get the chef to prepare us something that evening.
Voila, we got our maldivian dinner. That's mango jam at the bottom of the pic, sweet and different.
We were ushered to our Water Villa on Day 3!

Fishes gathered outside our toilet at night where there is the only light source...

As part of the honeymooner package, we were given a complimentary dinner at Tribal Restaurant -
We had dinner by the beach under the stars...

We were surprised with this sweet deco on our bed when we got back to our room.
We sometimes received M&Ms, nuts or chocolates in our room. How thoughtful of the staff!
Our last sunset in Maldives...
Gonna miss this place sooo much!

& Last few great shots of the scenery....

Thanks for the top class service and wonderful experience, Niyama! *Love*

"Happy Thought: Taking someone you love on an exciting adventure."
(Extracted from somewhere...)